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Pearson Edexcel Warwick - Excellence in Maths: Into the Future


WORKSHOP>>> EPIC PROPORTIONS: Now that *Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change* has its own strand in GCSE, what fresh life can we breathe into the topics? This workshop will look at how we can ensure that students engage with it, and make the required connections between this and every other area of mathematics.

Emma Bell- An expert in engaging students in studying Mathematics in a myriad of ways  and veritable Mathematics historian. Her workshops in conferences are must see events and she’s always on hand for excellent advice on Twitter.


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Pedagoo Hull

PRESENTATION>>> LEARNING FROM THE PAST: They say things go full circle, like things coming back into fashion. It's not just true for flares and perms. Teaching ideas seem to come back into the spotlight too! From collecting old pedagogical texts, I've seen statements and ideas that could apply in our classrooms next week, even though they were written years ago! Let me show you how we can "Learn from the Past"...

LEARNING CONVERSATION>>> TweetGeek: How can you make the most of Twitter to enhance your practice? Emma can help, telling you stories of how Twitter has helped her become a better teacher, and taking your questions on how to make Twitter work for you.

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