It's the same all over the world: teachers evaluate their year over the summer holidays. They think about what went well, what didn't, and decide that the next year will be different. 

I had one of those "epiphany" moments on the day before A Level results. I was lying, face down, in an MRI machine, having part of my yearly MOT. What was I concerned about? Not the thought that something could show up on the scan, but what if my students didn't fulfil their potential? I gave myself a figurative slap in the face, and vowed to sort myself out!

So, I started using the hashtag #TeacherPledge to summarise changes that I want to make to my teaching life.  

My first pledge:


I figured that I spent a lot of my day *reacting* to emails that popped up, rather than working through them systematically and logically. I took the tack that THEY NEED A REPLY RIGHT NOW, when really, that wasn't the case at all. 

I have more pledges to come, and maybe you'll join in with me? I want to make my work-life balance more, well, balanced, and to use a nice office-speak cliche, I want to work smarter.