Pokémon Go

Yes, yes... I know. It's the marmite of games, but I'm on the "loving it" side of the fence.

An ex-student of mine messaged me with an idea: we could use graph theory to find the shortest routes between Pokéstops.  

What impressed me was that this ex-student was using maths in a "real world" situation to optimise a problem!

(Real world = Pokémon of course)

I have tried to shoehorn maths into situations to tick boxes, but using decision maths does come in useful in this instance.  The closest I got to helping a student in reality was getting the class to make sure his paper round had the most efficient route.

I have made a network based on Game of Thrones, [HERE] but I can see this being another great example to use in the classroom.  It'll be local, and it'll be useful. If not for the students, then for me!!!!

I'm going to have fun mapping my area :)