Legacy Post - #Nurture1415

Originally posted on El Timbre Blog, 29 Dec 2014

Last year, I posted what I thought would be the last post on my blog. It was my #Nurture1314 post. Reading back over it, I am immensely surprised by the number of things I have accomplished this year! So, I'm resurrecting my blog, and I'm resurrecting it with this #Nurture1415 post. :)

2014 Accomplishments
1 Bluebells We found the bluebells this spring. A big moment. A new family tradition started, echoing that of my husband's grandparents.
2 TeachMeet This was a resounding success which contributed to me getting a promotion at work.
3 Support I held Mr Timbre's hand and walked beside him during a dark few months. The darkness is not yet over, but he knows that I'm with him every step of the way.
4 Child Timbres My babies have grown into wonderful human beings, confident, brave, loving and kind. I love them more that I have space to describe.
5 Confidence I presented some of my thoughts and ramblings on student engagement at the LaSalle maths conference earlier this year. A room full of mathematicians watching me pretend to be Gandalf. I was on the same billing as Johnny Ball and my Twitter BFF @Just_Maths. I'm very proud of that.
6 Cancer I'm still cancer free.

Wishes for 2015
1 No I need to learn to say no. I volunteer WAY too quickly for things, either because I want to help or I want to be involved. I must say no and not overwork and overstretch myself. I might need help with that.
2 Justice and Truth I have faith in our legal system, and Mr Timbre will get the truth he needs and deserves.
3 Boy Timbre He'll be starting secondary school in September. As I look at him now, a year 6, I can't believe he's so close to leaving primary. I hope he gets a place at the school he's chosen.
4 Little Timbre She wants to start acting classes. If you've met her, you'll know how much that would suit her!
5 Blog Now that I'm comfortable in my new job, I should blog more. Be brave about my opinions! Share more!
6 Health Eat better. Sleep better. Cancer will not rear its ugly head again.