Legacy Post - #Nurture1314

Originally posted on El Timbre Blog, 29 Dec 2013

My highlights from 2013

  1. This blog. Even though this will be the last ever post on the ElTimbre blog, I have enjoyed the excitement of my posts being read (and resources used) by others. I don't blog regularly enough to do the genre justice... so a change is on its way!
  2. New Job. This was the biggest and most wide-reaching change in 2013. I walked away from a secure(ish) HoD job and walked into a maths tutor role at a local 16-19 college. I love my job. I'm teaching again. Properly teaching. I wouldn't change it for the world.
  3. Health. Despite my paranoia, cancer did not raise its ugly head again in 2013. My hair has grown back, albeit a lot curlier than before. I worked a FULL term without a sick day. I'll call that progress! =)
  4. Doctor Who. 50th anniversary. Geekfest. Say no more.
  5. Mr Timbre. My husband has managed to complete 2/3 of his English degree. I couldn't be more proud =)
  6. Boy Timbre. My son took part in not one, but TWO national triathlons this year. He's 9 years old and loved every minute of them! He also got moved up a year in maths!
  7. Little Timbre. My daughter started full time school this September and is thriving! I'm in awe of how quickly she's picking things up.
  8. Twitter. Twitter has provided me with a sounding board and rant-outlet as well as support. I'm not alone.
  9. Friends. See above. So happy to have met the members of #geekclub this year!
  10. Woods. My family discovered a gorgeous privately owned woodland only 10 minutes from home. How did we not know it was there before?! We have enjoyed picnics and exploring, spending hours just "together".
  12. Dogs. NEW PUPPY! Luna the Cockerpoo was welcomed to our family this year. We love her to pieces.
  13. Prize Winner. Earlier this month an ex-student, who has become a friend, told me that he's won a competition. I was obviously pleased for him. But then I discovered that the competition was to nominate a "Hero Maths Teacher" and that Simon Singh had selected me as one of three winners! Shocked. Amazed. Proud that I'd had such an impact. I love my job.

Looking forward to 2014

  1. This blog. This blog will be no more. It will be an ex-blog. I'm setting up a wiki which I can update "as and when" and not feel guilty about neglecting it from time to time! It'll be HERE when it's ready.
  2. Job. Really looking forward to the next two terms in my new role. Preparing students for their A Levels and seeing them move on - that's all new!
  3. Bluebells. I will walk amongst Bluebells this year. I want to do it every year. I know where to go now =)
  4. Collaborative SoW. OOOh. I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into this!
  5. TeachMeet. I'm setting up a TeachMeet at my college in June this year. EXCITING!
  6. Mr Timbre. He's going to finish his degree this year. That means the start of a GTP is in the wings. Two teachers in the house!
  7. Boy Timbre. He's going to start year 6 later this year, and he's "double figures" in a couple of weeks. Where did the time go? Going to GeoCache Hunt with him a lot more this year too.
  8. Little Timbre. Dance show in February. My little angel on stage! So proud.
  9. #GEEKCLUB. We will meet again.
  10. Health. Checkups to look forward to, which I have no control over. But... I am going to make sure I get proper rest from now on. (Well, when I go back to work!). Reasonable bedtimes. Winding down. Looking after myself.
  11. House. Hmmm... I'd love a new shed. Is that a "hope"???
  12. Hobby. Looking into, perhaps, making jewellery... Just for me. Just as therapy, perhaps it'll help with number 10 above??
  13. Bletchley Park. Me and a member of the Computing dept at college are putting together a proposal for a trip to Bletchley Park. I've never "done" a maths trip before. New territory!
  14. Twitter. I will have more followers than followees. It will happen!