Legacy Post - Maths and Film

Originally posted on El Timbre Blog, 20 Jan 2013

I'm currently putting together a set of classroom posters which illustrate maths related quotes from TV and Film. I like to inject a lot of personality into my room and lessons, hence the need to have a "Geek Wall" :)

Whilst researching, I've been reminded of some short clips that I've used once or twice, but then forgotten about. So, for the purposes of keeping them "handy", I've grouped a few here. They're great to use as hooks for a lesson or topic.

Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) - Big Bang Theory
talks about his favourite number

Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) - Contact
The aliens make contact using prime numbers

Doctor Who - SE03 EP07 "42"
"Don't they teach recreational mathematics anymore?"

Star Trek TOS - "Wolf in the Fold"
Spock gives the computer an impossible task

Doctor Who - SE04 EP10 "Midnight"
Sky and The Doctor and the square root of pi

Doctor Who - SE01 EP12 "Bad Wolf"
How many Daleks?

~Might not use this one in lesson though~

Big Bang Theory
Sheldon calculates the number of partners Penny has had...