Legacy Post - **Impact**

Originally posted on El Timbre Blog, 26 Jul 2013

There was one line in my leaving speech - that I'd had an impact on 2,291 students during my time at the School - that has been resonating all week.

My husband asked how I could be sure it was that many - my response was that I'd checked on SIMS, but the evidence of the impact was plain to see today as I walked through the local hospital. One ex-student was working in the hospital pharmacy. Another walked past wheeling a patient in a wheelchair towards x-ray. I saw 2 other students who smiled at me, and parents of students too.

As teachers, we have such a HUGE impact on our community. We make a difference. We really do.

Here's the transcript of my leaving speech. =)


I came here, 8 years ago as a single mum of a 1 year old boy. The streets of London just weren't paved with gold as I’d been led to believe, so I applied for a job at ******** (insert name of local "outstanding" academy) and here. I decided that here suited me better, and perhaps, at that time, I suited it too.

But now, it’s time for me to move on. It’s time for me to be a teacher again. It’s what I was meant to do!

I want to sum up my time here in the efficient way of a mathematician. So, since I started here in 2005…

I have:
Sent 30,000 emails
Drunk 6000 coffees
Taught 5000 lessons
Worked 2,700 days
Had an impact on 2,291 students

There have been:
88 episodes of Doctor Who (including the specials)
48 parents’ evenings
11 maths teachers
10 Chelsea managers. When I came here it was Jose Mourinho…

I've had:
4 job titles
3 classrooms
2 names
1 marriage
1 daughter

There will only ever be:
1 **** (insert principal's name here)
1 ****** (insert line manager's name here)

And, I need:
1 more student to get a C so that I leave safe in the knowledge that this Academy has had the best maths results ever.