Legacy Post - Come Into My Classroom

Originally posted on El Timbre Blog, 9 Feb 2013

This post is intended to be a little tour around my classroom. I think it's important that the room is stimulating, but that it also reflects me =)

The first picture shows my level progression displays, my maths alphabet, and my "Wow Wall" where I have an ever-changing display of work for each class that I teach. (I used push pins to tack the work to the wall so that I could easily swap them!)

The second picture shows my Big Bang Theory "Fun with Flags" display. I've but up some bunting (left over from the Olympics) and have asked maths questions based on the flags: What's the ratio of yellow to red in the Spanish Flag? What's the product of the number of stars in the USA flag and the number of stars in the Australian flag?

I also have a lesson countdown for the Year 11 students on my door.

The trays are for exit-AfL. The students self-assess their progress based on the learning objectives, and as they leave, they pop their exercise books in the appropriate RAG rated tray. Gives me instant feedback to inform my planning for the next lesson.

My "Geek Wall" faces me as I teach, and is a source of inspiration for me! The students love discussing the quotes and testing me on the Doctor Who Regeneration number line!

The probability display was one of those "saw this and thought of maths" moments!

This picture shows my reading corner, inspiration wall and other displays. The cutout David Tennant and Dalek come in handy for teaching ratio, scale and enlargement!

And finally... My clock...

STUDENT: "What time does this lesson finish Miss?"
ME: "20 past David Tennant of course!"