Legacy Post - Bippedi-Boppedi-Boo!

Originally posted on El Timbre Blog, 1 Apr 2015

Only I could start thinking of Maths Hubs and collaboration and the DfE whilst sitting munching popcorn at the cinema with Little Timbre.

Richard Madden's Prince Charming, charming us all, uttered the lines:

"We need not look outside out borders for strength and guidance. Everything we need is right before us."

Granted, he was talking about the fact that he was in love with Cinderella, but the words struck a massive chord with me, and sent my mind into overdrive.

I've said before that I'm insulted by the notion that we have to look elsewhere for good practice and ideas in maths teaching. We have so much to offer here, and so much to share.

So, I've made up my mind. I'm not going to stand by and wait, and watch, and hope. Passivity is not the answer.

I don't need to be involved in a hub to collaborate (yes, I knew that before, but I felt like I was missing out on something big....)

I am going to wave my magic wand and I WILL go to the ball.

I will collaborate on Twitter.

I will host an Edexcel Maths Hub.

I will host a LaSalle Maths Teacher Network event.

I will put on the MathsTeachMeet that I'm planning.

I will put on workshops at the National Maths Teacher Conferences.

I will share on this blog.

My thoughts about hubs? Summed up by Cinderella herself...

"Just because it's what's done doesn't mean it's what should be done!"

I can make up my own mind.