EMMAths Awards 2015 - WINNERS

Here are all of the winners of the #EMMAthsAwards15

The winners were chosen using my opinion only - no anonymous votes, no one else's input. Me. All me! So of course, they're very biased =)

1) Blog Post of the Year

Creativity and Challenge in the Classroom

Written by @missradders on her blog Ideas for the Classroom, this post is an account of a workshop led by Don Steward at the University of Huddersfield, back in March. The event was organised by Ed Southall, @solvemymaths

Hannah really gets across the "aha" moments that took place all morning as we listened to Don Steward. I love to keep referring back to this post whilst I'm planning - especially the 4 bullet points at the end.

Thank you Hannah! =)


2) Tweet of the Year

This is a recent tweet, but it certainly won the internet with it's funny punnery! I had been left without a Christmas Tree by Argos (grrr), and Mr @icecolbeveridge made me smile just when I needed it most with this:

3) Free Resource of the Year

This is a bit of a cheat. It's actually a set of resources. A MASSIVE SET.

JustMaths has put together over 150 documents after sifting through all of the sample resources for the 9-1 Maths GCSE (Foundation and Higher) from all exam boards. The questions have been collated into topics. This is an amazing resource. AMAZING.


It is definitely the must-have free resource of the year.

4) Subscription Site of the Year

I subscribe to A LOT of maths resource websites. My plan is to review them all over the next few weeks! There is one site that I currently use the most. It's the one I turn to when I need to throw something up on the screen to get all students engaged. The resources are clear, concise, and project on the IWB very well.

My choice for the winner of this category is MathsBox.

5) Most Supportive Tweeter of 2015

It's not just because of the #FF tweets that appear VERY early on a Friday morning... This tweeter is always a couple of clicks of the keyboard away. He's always on hand to help, whatever the situation. Take, for instance, the palaver we had here when my husband's debit card was cloned and used all over the country. We were having a hard time getting through to the bank, so this tweeter got on the phone to help us too!

Twitter just wouldn't be the same without him. The Most Supportive Tweeter of 2015 is @RJS2212.

6) YouTube Channel of the Year

THIS is the channel that I routinely recommend to my A Level students. I adore the fact that it's "No Frills" maths - just MathsDave, going through exam questions on his SmartBoard. My students love it too, and use it whenever they need to make corrections on papers.

Thank you MathsDave!

7) Indispensable Tweeter of the Year

NOT maths related! @VirtualAstro has been a steady guiding hand throughout this year as my family get to grips with Astronomy. It's something we can all get geeky about together and the tweets from this account have given us confidence to go out and find things! Indispensable.

8) Blogger of the Year

This blog has it all. JustMaths.


Honesty. Resources. Ideas. Opinion. Insight. Comedy (!)

Mel's voice comes through loud and clear in all that she posts. If I could only every read ONE blog for the rest of eternity, this would be the one. Please read it. Subscribe to it. Learn from it.

9) Event of the Year

ACER Making the Grade D to C Event, Shuttleworth College, March 2015.

It was at this event that doors opened for me. I met new maths teachers, and made connections with many maths organisations across the country. This conference helped bring into focus the fact that I want to help as many teachers as possible, and it sowed the seed for EMMAths to be born. Without this event, and the invitation from Julia Smith, @tessmaths, I would still be rudderless.

10) Famous Tweeter of the Year

@standupmaths aka Matt Parker=)

I got to see him at the Festival of the Spoken Nerd in Lincoln in October, and he was BRILLIANT. My classes have named one of our tables after him (he's the only one out of Nightingale, Boole, Newton and Parker to be on Twitter), and I look forward to seeing his tweets in my timeline. He needs a blue tick!

11) Tweeter of the Year

Jo Morgan, aka @mathsjem

Back in 2014, seeming like a lifetime ago, I stumbled across Jo's twitter account and was hooked immediately, not least because her profile picture was a "mu" (my favourite!).

She shares, she collates, she inspires. The Sunday evening chat #MathsTLP and her website resourceaholic.com are staples for any planning, across KS3, KS4 and KS5.

Thank you Jo. I know I'm not the only Maths Tweacher who really values your work! ChristMaths15 was a resounding success =) #geeksrule