Legacy Post - Prism?

Originally posted on ElTimbre Blog, 12th June 2015

Was reminded of the post today when @Just_Maths asked IS A CYLINDER A PRISM?

Re: Is a cylinder a prism? by @DrBennison which followed this post from @mathsjem.

Here are some excerpts from my book collection which you may find interesting! I was hoping I'd be able to find a definitive answer... It would seem that a cylinder is more a Solid of Revolution than a prism, geometrically.

"Practical Plane and Solid Geometry", Harrison and Baxandall, 1895

"A Practical Course of Mathematics", A H Bell, 1946
This book groups Prisms and a Cylinder together - I think this is the root of the problem!

"Geometry of Construction", T B Nichols and Norman Keep, 1953

Best. Author Name. Ever.


"Oxford Mathematics Study Dictionary", Frank Tapson, 1999

"A Thousand Faces of Geometry", Claudi Alsina, 2013

I like the sound of "Antiprisms"

Side note... Are THESE prisms?